Site Survey

Groundwork is important, and before initiating any WiFi installation, CalTek Communications will conduct a site survey to determine the location of strong radio frequency signals and weak signals. By identifying signal strength, we try to ensure that your WiFi signal is strong and consistent throughout your location, with an awareness that there are prime locations such as meeting rooms where presentations may be given, as well as executive suites and work stations, where a strong and consistent WiFi signal is required.


We understand that businesses require constant connectivity, but every building, warehouse, or facility has unique needs and our designers must take into account the existing structures including elevators, stairwells, parking garages, and higher level floors along with the results of the site survey. Once the site survey is completed, CalTek Communications will begin designing and engineering the necessary WiFi plan to maximize coverage throughout your business, ensuring your signal is strong and consistent throughout.


Our trained and experienced technicians will implement the design plan, ensuring quality control along the way, including monitoring the WiFi signal through active scanning of the radio signal as each segment of your network comes online. This allows for adjustments and revisions of the plan as it is implemented. We are committed to your success, to your project timelines, and to your budgeting requirements.

Testing and Optimization

CalTek Communications will perform a thorough review of each system included as part of the scope of your project. With our rigorous training, crucial experience, and partnerships with partnerships with providers, CalTek ensures your project will be properly designed and configured, tested and optimized, and maintained from end-to-end to deliver efficient systems that meet our customer’s growing needs, now and into the future.

Move Add Changes (MAC)

CalTek Communications recognizes that your telecommunications systems often need routine work, maintenance, upgrades, or relocations due to the rapid changes and new components that are an inherent factor with any technology. For these challenges, CalTek Communications is motivated to keep your systems up-to-date, allowing you to be at the forefront of your industry as well. Look to us to be your on-going partner for your future telecommunications needs.