Engineering Services

CalTek Communications has valuable years of experience designing sophisticated cable plans, pulling data cable, and properly installing connectors for computers and other equipment. Our experience has provided us with insight into testing and trouble shooting, finding and fixing errors, and finding the right approach for each clients’ needs.

Construction Services

Installing cable requires construction skills. CalTek Communications provides all the construction services you will need, from drywall, conduit installation, boring and drilling, to knowing how to properly incorporate the cable into each business location, to naturally and effectively install your data network. Whether new build or upgrade, CalTek construction and craftsmanship is a valuable service that incorporates part art and part science.

Data Center Expertise

Your data center is the brains of the operation, containing all the valuable servers, routers, storage, and other vital components. To have your data center go down may bring business to a grinding halt. Rest assured, CalTek has the expertise you need to build your data center to include all your critical systems, allowing for access, expansion, and future upgrades.